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Solution for
Developers & Owners

As a developer/owner you are always chasing your Contractor and your consultant to give you an update on the projects especially for delays and critical issues. AutoPRO™ with its online Dashboards directly connected to the schedule, the construction site and the approval documents gives you instant access to this data.

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Solution for A/E Consultants

As a consultant you are always ensuring the quality of the project are adhered to as per the specification including drawings. AutoPRO™ provides online collaboration and coordination between various disciplines on your drawings including online markup, red-lining and approvals.

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Solution for Primary Contractor

As a primary contractor you are faced with the dilemma of delivering the optimum project as per the specifications but at the same time also reducing the cost on your project to ensure you deliver a profitable project. AutoPRO™ provides a powerful dashboard providing instant access to all critical project information allowing easy and quick conclusion to the benefit of the project.
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Solution for Sub-Contractors

As a sub-contractor handling multiple jobs on multiple projects, it can get very time consuming and tracking each project delivery can be a nightmare. AutoPRO™ provides a powerful Customer Relationship System (CRM) which allows you to track multiple projects with powerful dashboards providing instant access to all yours projects data to ensure they are delivered and closed on time.
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AutoPRO™ is integrated with your other products allowing you to seamlessly manage your organization

Key Features


Collaborate with all project stakeholders including Client, Architect, MEP Consultants, Contractor, Sub-Contractor and approving authorities.

Quality Control

Enables you to store technical specifications, link the sections in documents and track test reports.

Cost Control

allows you to manage cash flows, mitigate risks and produce concise reports using tools that integrate critical information and communication with real-time data access.

Subcontractors Tracking

Easily manage your subcontractors’ jobs, start and end dates, payment amounts, add or view deadlines for all of your subcontractors’ obligations

Dashboards, S-curves & Histograms

Allow real time metrics and KPIs on your project to do the magic by linking the schedule, expenses and delays in processes.

Snags /Punch Lists

Allows you to complete punch list at site including pertinent details about each deficiency and include location identify the responsible party including photos. You can quickly dispatch to the various sub-contractors from your laptop or IPad without returning to the office.

Workflows and Task Management

As construction is a task-oriented business that is organized around plans and trades, ensure that people know exactly what they need to do and when it needs to be concluded.

Drawing and Material submittals

Lets you organize your submittal log by CSI division, add shop drawings, track samples, MD, Mock ups etc. Attachments can be added to any submittal directly from your computer and integrated with subcontractors

Change Orders

Standardize with our easy-to-use, audit-approved templates. Input your standard or project-specific labor, material, equipment and markup rates and quickly generate a package with all your backup documents attached.

Daily Reports

Much of what you have to track on the construction daily log can be generated with one click giving you an overview of the status of your project and daily Activities

Digital comments, Markups & Digital Signature

Collaborate with digital signatures and time stamps for each approval on documents including drawing which enables faster approvals of drawings and other submittals.


Our Products

Project Construction Management

AutoPRO™ facilities collaboration, communication, monitoring and control over all types of project whatever their complexity.

Customer Relationship Management

AutoPRO™ helps manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. It focuses on customer retention and drives sales growth.


Facilities Management

The Facilities Management modules allows you to track your Asset/Equipment maintenance including Preventive maintenance Corrective maintenance and Spare parts inventory needed to efficiently run your facilities after the construction phase

Document Management

Provides easy access to all your documentation and facilitates online access and approvals from anywhere in the world by enabling workflows, digital signatures, alerts and notifications for urgent tasks


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Training & Certification

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AutoPRO your one stop collaboration tool-regardless of location

“The system is extremely user-friendly – templating specifically is very easy to use and customize. When we realized AutoPRO™’ s potential, traditional techniques became a thing of the past. AutoPro is literally used for all document management within our organization. “

Maha Saleh

Executive Secretary, Turner Projacs

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